Marty MacDonald's - Toy Machine

Everyone at Marty MacDonald’s Farm is delighted with the special delivery that’s arrived –the Toy Machine that makes all of the toys in the world! But then they realise that Crafty the Crow has been up to mischief and it shouldn’t really be there at all.

Worse still, the machine has stopped working, so they need to fix it before the Toy Maker comes to get it back!

Join Marty, Sally the Scarecrow, Pongo the Pig, Molly-Moo the Cow and Sheena the Sheep in a fun, musical, interactive adventure to repair the Toy Machine, save the day and give the world back its toys!

Featuring the voices of CBeebies' Justin Fletcher and Nicole Davis as Pongo the Pig and Molly-Moo the Cow!


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