Artistic Vision

Our mission is to be the cultural hub at the heart of Barking and Dagenham providing a unique mix of popular entertainment, performance based art and participation.

The Broadway is a contemporary multi-artform space located on the border of East London and Essex with the vision to be outstanding at enhancing the local cultural experience by inspiring and developing vibrant communities of artists, participants and audiences that reflect the rich diversity of East London. The Broadway will become a place known for:

  • Emerging artists to 'cut their teeth'
  • Intimate live music events
  • Developing populist new theatre
  • Enriching social creative space for children and young families

This broad mix of work provides varied ways to interact with the Broadway all our activities are filtered through our core values of Creativity - facilitating and environment of understanding and connection through imagination and performance, Inclusivity - creating a safe, welcoming environment and making varied cultural experiences available to all, Quality providing opportunities to engage with quality art, participation and entertainment and Fun - creating a space to play, discover and explore a live cultural experience that enriches and entertains.