Hire Guide & Rates

Here are our guides to hiring space at the Broadway for corporate events and for artistic performances and rehearsals. They can be viewed on screen and downloaded (but if you are having issues doing so, call us on 020 8507 5608 and we'll email a copy to you). Our fees are detailed in the Hire Guide and Rates booklets published on this website. The basic hourly hire charges for performance hires are as follows:

For performance events: charities, community organisations, performing schools and amateur performing companies: £125 (including VAT) per hour Mon-Thurs; £150 (including VAT) per hour Fri-Sun

For performance events: professional companies: £150 (including VAT) per hour Mon-Thurs; £190 (including VAT) per hour Fri-Sun.

Additional charges are made depending on your technical support and equipment requirements and full details of these are provided in the Guide. Further down the page you will find our Technical Guide in which you will find the stage dimensions, full details of the sound and light equipment provided as a standard part of the hire package and lots more besides.

The Broadway can also be hired for corporate events. Costs and other details are provided in the Corporate Hire Guide below.

The technical guides: