Michael 'Starring Ben' 2020

Michael 'Starring Ben' 2020 Image

Michael starring Ben features the UK’s ultimate Michael Jackson tribute star, Ben Bowman, who not only looks and sounds like Michael Jackson, but has honed his routine so impeccably that audiences believe they are watching Michael Jackson himself!

With an incredible live band, stunning costumes, iconic dance routines and of course, the inimitable Ben, the show promises to create the most authentic, lively and powerful re-creation of the iconic superstar in the year that celebrates 35 years since the release of Jackson’s Thriller, the top selling album of all time.

Michael starring Ben highlights not only the greatest hits of Michael Jackson but also The Jackson 5.  The show includes Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Man in the Mirror and many, many more. Michael brings together a fresh blend mixing elements of Jackson’s own stage shows with exciting new arrangements combined with a stunning light show to create the perfect celebration of Michael and his music.



£25.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)
£23.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)
£23.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)
£23.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)
£23.00 (includes £1.00 booking fee)